Serwis Regionalnego Programu Operacyjnego Województwa Podkarpackiego


Improvement of didactic infrastructure in the Radomyśl Wielki commune


As part of the project, an astronomical observatory was constructed along with a stationary meteorological station. In order to popularize the strict and binding interest, as well as in connection with the development of interest in astronomical science, as part of the project purchased, among others, teaching aids with a network of mathematical-natural-humanistic sciences and a planetarium. In addition, there was a computer room and executive automation for existing mechanical ventilation. Improvement of the state of infrastructure of the Junior High School translated into improving its attractiveness for the residents. The impact of the project will be more effective - the technology of which Based on the resolution on counteracting social exclusion and youth. Amendments concerning educational quality in the commune.


 Observatory telescope Observatory building Planetarium during the Science Festival in Jasionka Planetarium Telescope In the planetarium The moon seen from the observatory in Radomyśl




Gmina Radomyśl Wielki


Regional Operational Programme of Podkarpackie Region

EU Fund

European Social Fund

Total project value 

738 615,12 PLN

EU contribution

 442 828,02 PLN



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