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Pre-schoolers ready to start


The most important goal of the project was to make up for the development deficits of pre-school children by organizing additional revitalisation and stimulation classes and by creating and retrofitting specialist therapeutic rooms. The main project activities covered 10 children aged from 4 to 7 years, who attended two kindergarten groups in Special Kindergarten No. 14. Most preschoolers are children with autism spectrum disorders and intellectual disabilities. The idea of submitting an application for co-financing came from a constant search for new ways and ideas to extend the scope of support for the youngest charges. Although all kindergartens attend many additional classes throughout the year, including speech therapy, stimulation and therapy, sensory integration therapy, polysensory therapy, dogotherapy, corrective gymnastics, the facility tries to broaden the range of therapeutic effects and introduce new solutions and methods of revalidation work. The total amount of co-financing received, amounting to PLN 197,488.75, was allocated for the implementation of project tasks, within the framework of which:

  • a motor rehabilitation room was created, which was modernised and equipped with specialist physiotherapy equipment (e.g. massage bathtubs, upper limbs, specialist massage tables, electrotherapy equipment, a cabin with physiotherapeutic training equipment),
  • the teaching equipment and teaching aids were retrofitted to the practice of conducting polysensory stimulation therapy,
  • the teaching equipment and aids were retrofitted and the room for corrective gymnastics was modernised,
  • for 10 students of the kindergarten was conducted: 30 hours of additional activities in the field of motor rehabilitation at the swimming pool, 30 hours of hippotherapy classes, 30 hours of individual activities in the field of physiotherapy, 30 hours of physical, music and artistic activities, as well as plastic materials and other aids for carrying out these activities were purchased, 30 hours of activities activating the interest of developing people in the surrounding world and the purchase of plastic materials and other aids to carry out these activities, a 3-day educational and recreation trip to the Green Kindergarten to the Bania Hotel in Białka Tatrzańska was organized, in which 10 preschoolers, 10 their parents/guardians and the teaching staff of the Centre working with children on a daily basis took part. During the stay, the parents participated in workshop meetings aimed at developing skills and knowledge in dealing with difficulties encountered by children with special educational needs during their parenthood.

For children from the Special Kindergarten No. 14 in the John Paul II Special School and Educational Centre, the implementation period of the project "Kindergarten ready to start" was a time of hard work and taking up new challenges, and above all acquiring new knowledge and skills. In the opinion of both specialists conducting classes with preschoolers and their parents, the children - participants of the project - improved their functioning in the physical, cognitive and social-emotional sphere, which will significantly increase their educational chances and allow them to function better in the school environment. Parents participating in the project activities, on the other hand, state that their knowledge of the importance of therapeutic activities has increased and that they see a need for similar programmes in the future.

It is very important for all the Centre's students that, as a result of the completed project, they will be able to use the new rehabilitation rooms, the equipment purchased for them and the teaching aids.


Hippotherapy classes Hippotherapy classes Activating activities developing interest in the surrounding world Activating activities developing interest in the surrounding world Classes in laser physiotherapy Physical rehabilitation classes at the swimming pool



Jarosławski Poviat / Special Kindergarten No. 14 in the John Paul II Special School and Educational Centre


Regional Operational Programme of Podkarpackie Region

EU Fund

European Social Fund

Total project value 

197 488,75 zł

EU contribution

167 865,43 zł

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