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Modernisation of the tenement house in 4 Portiusa Street – establishment of a new space for cultural activities in Krosno


In a rebuilt and modernised tenement house in the old town in Krosno, the new seat of the Art Exhibition Centre (AEC) was opened. This atmospheric place is perfectly adapted to presenting various forms of art and educational activities.

The Art Exhibition Centre is attractive to connoisseurs of art, as its large exhibition area enables them to contemplate art in a comfortable way. Our modern workshop studios, in turn, form space where you can stimulate your hidden talents, spend your free time in an active and creative way, and widen your knowledge and develop your skills - highlighted Bronisław Baran, the Deputy Mayor of Krosno.

What draws the visitors’ attention in the rebuilt tenement house are original details and extraordinary furniture. The professionally furnished main exhibition room tempts Polish and foreign artists to present their works here. Near the exhibition rooms is the ARTzone, where you can meet and talk about an exhibition or exchange creative thoughts after workshops. The telltale marks of the Centre are original educational forms run for different age groups, such as lessons with art, a still image laboratory and a film clinic. As there are no architectural barriers here, the facility is open to people with disabilities.

During the tenement house’s modernisation, an area for a residing artist, including a studio, was organised. Authors of exhibitions can stay here and prepare their exhibitions. Additionally, but irrespectively of the project, guest rooms were created in the attic. These aesthetically furnished rooms decorated with original paintings are available to tourists visiting Krosno. This is a great starting point for trips to the town and its neighbourhood. The Krosno Art Exhibition Centre has the potential to become an important cultural and artistic centre in south-eastern Poland and in the Polish-Slovak-Ukrainian borderland.


 Children with carers during art classes  Participant of classes at BWA while creating work from plasticine Gallery interiors during the preparation of the exhibition Interior of the exhibition hall in the gallery  View of the courtyard




Municipal Commune of Krosno


Regional Operational Programme of Podkarpackie Region

EU Fund

European Regional Development Fund

Total project value 

PLN 5,887,790.55

EU contribution

PLN 2,367,641.59

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