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Adjusting the educational infrastructure in the Łańcut Poviat to the requirements of vocational education


“Man does not live by learning alone” – this proverb guided the originators of a large educational project implemented by the Łańcut Poviat. It was aimed at improving both professional competence and fitness of young people.

At the Technical Education School Complex in Łańcut, a sports hall was built with full-size handball, basketball and volleyball courts, including rest and refreshment facilities and coaches’ rooms. No other post-primary school managed by a poviat self-government has had such a sports hall before.

At the stage of planning the facility, we wanted it not only to expand the potential of physical education classes for our students, but also to contribute to popularisation and development of sports in the Łańcut Land, said Barbara Pilawa-Kraus, the Poviat Vice-Staroste. Lessons are usually held in the morning and in the early afternoon. Afterwards, the sports hall is open to children, young people and adults, who practice various sports disciplines here. At weekends, sports competitions are held here. The stands were designed for nearly 200 spectators. Our attention is drawn not only by the facility’s functionality, but also its interesting body with wooden elements and glazing. On the facade and the roof, photovoltaic panels are installed.

Some of the rooms at the Poviat Centre for Practical and Vocational Education in Łańcut were converted into an educational workshop, including the staff room. Renovation works were also carried out at the Technical Education School Complex in Łańcut. Moreover, teaching aids were bought for vocational schools. New equipment was provided for maths, computer science, landscape architecture, car engine, automotive electrical and electronic engineering, chassis and bodywork, physics and chemistry labs and workshops at the Technical Education School Complex, mechatronics, electrical and electronic engineering, and computer science labs at School Complex No. 2, as well as advertising, sales and accounting labs at School Complex No. 3.


Interior of the sports hall in Łańcut External wall of the sports hall with photovoltaic panels mounted Outer wall Aerial view of the sports hall Aerial view of the sports hall




Łańcut Poviat


Regional Operational Programme of Podkarpackie Region

EU Fund

European Regional Development Fund

Total project value 

PLN 9,014,745.12

EU contribution

PLN 2,937,064.12

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