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Along the trail of cultural heritage, cultural monuments and cultural offers of the Stalowa Wola FUA


The body of the modern culture centre attracts attention with its original architectural solution. The red brick is an element which unites the historic part dating back to 1904 and the newly built wing. The facade of the building’s old part has been renovated and enriched with low relief sculptures of the Muses. The building is not only visually appealing and aesthetically refined, but also functional.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the Gymnastics Society “Sokół” (“Falcon”) operated here, and the building functioned as a sports hall, a cinema, a club and a community centre. Conferences, gatherings and meetings of the residents were held here. After World War II, the “San” cinema was established here, which popularised film culture in the Nisko Land for years.

Apart from construction works, the project covered modernisation and furnishing of the rooms. New music, photography and art studios were organised, as well as a dance hall and a multimedia hall, which can also be used as a venue for conferences and training. The auditorium was thoroughly modernised – the stage was enlarged and new aesthetic chairs were bought. Advanced lighting and sound systems, as well as a curtain and scenography mechanisms were installed. Moreover, the essential storage and technical facilities, as well as a dressing room were organised. ‘A larger area and modern equipment have enabled us to extend the scope of our activities and make our educational and cultural offers more attractive to the residents,’ said Alicja Sochacka, the Director of the Nisko Culture Centre “Sokół”. Moreover, a foyer with an exhibition part was established, which presents the history of the place in an original way. The building’s development made it possible to eliminate the architectural barriers, which in the past prevented disabled people from entering the building and taking advantage of the Centre’s offers. In addition, the building was provided with pleasant surroundings and facade illumination.


Spectacle hall at the Nisko Culture Centre Technical equipment of the show hall Interiors of the Nisko Culture Center Art room A set of brushes in an art workshop




Commune and Town of Nisko


Regional Operational Programme of Podkarpackie Region

EU Fund

European Regional Development Fund

Total project value 

PLN 6,623,243.42

EU contribution

PLN 2,074,030.60


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